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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                   83

day and the party was very agreeable. Dr, Mas-
kelyne showed us his camera obscura,

I have just read " Brace's Travels/' which
you inquire about. He has cooked up strange
falsehoods in his imaginary conversations with an
Abyssinian priest. He makes himself tell him that
every man in our country is allowed to serve God
in his own way, and as long as the teachers con-
fine themselves to what the Sacred Books have
told them, they can teach no ill and therefore
meet with no molestation.

The other day I went to a fete on board Lord
Shrewsbury's yacht, the Talbot, off Woolwich.
The party consisted of Lady Winny and Miss and
Mr. Constable, Lady Wallace, and a large party
of Wrights, Blundells, Bedingfields, &c. I slept
on board, and returned the next day to dine with
Townley1 and Jekyll at Wilkes's. Lord Shrews-
bury and Sennet sailed from Woolwich, but
whither bound I know not. They would fain
have carried me off with them, but I made my
escape in time. I do not believe they them-
selves know whither they are going. I dine to-
day at Totteridge, to meet Lord Henry Petty, and

i Mr. Townley, the proprietor of the noble collection of
antiquities now in the British Museum.